Turki Alshehri


Nowadays, shooting with camera is widely available in many devices, such as: mobiles, smart phones, camcorders, DSLR cameras, or even professional cameras used for television production studies. Social media platforms allow users to post their vides easily. Having said that, the content of considerable proportion of the Internet short films are not compelling; due to lack of quality of the idea itself, or the weakness of constructing the whole film.  Therefore, my enterprise idea, Capture Your Story, comes to generate short storytelling films that are structured according to conventional filmmaking standers by using cheap film kits. The main purpose is to capture your daily feelings, thoughts, and situations and melting them in a professional pot to produce wonderful storytelling film.


Idea segments:

1- Website. similar to  Prezi and Goanimate .    

2- App.

3- and DVDs which can be set up in PCs or laptops.


Do it yourself:

The cost of production company is very high for individuals to produce their personal storytelling films. This enterprise idea will decrease the cost considerably, and gives users freedom to tell their stories with their vision and authentic passion.


Breaking up the idea:

The added value of the programme is to give users templatea to create script, shooting script and storyboard. Following certain instructions step by step will help beginning users to build their films simply, combining with tips of recording natural sounds, music and their own narration. The product comes with many samples of short storytelling films to choose on of them and follow the same structure with high flexibility to amend, add, remove, or adjust.

1- Script it.

2- Shoot.

3- Record voice.

4- Edit.

5- Publish.

Possible Occasions:

  • Birthday parties.
  • Wedding anniversaries.
  • Graduation parties.
  • Trips, Journeys, Picnics.
  • Traveling overseas.
  • Adventures.
  • Personal stories.
  • Other people who have compelling stories.
  • and the list goes.


Target Audience:

My target audience is divided to two main groups, children in school starts from age of 9 years old, and of course under the supervision of parents and teachers, and the second group is online users who are well connected to social media networks.Recent data from Brafton confirming that there are now more than 1 billion monthly active YouTube users.


Key partners:

1- Camcorder cameras manufacturers. such as: Panasonic, Sony, Canon. to add the software in their supporting settings and dvds.

2- Software editing brands, Finalcut, Sony Vages and iMovie by adding templets from Capture Your Story.

3- Educational institutions: primary schools, secondary schools, ESL centres. (they may also become potential customers for – Educational version – ).


Value Propositions:


Recent research:


Challenges and Opportunities:

Making short films have recently become a huge industry and the main challenge to my enterprise project would be competitors. Audience trend to look for free edition of software programmes for making movies. Some YouTube channels offer free short lessons in how to make storytelling films. However, Capture Your Story provides various functions and features which persuade potential customers to buy the product. One of these features is after sale service, which has customer care, technical support and new updates.


Strengths and Personal motivation:

  • My experience in making documentary films gives me confidence to succeed in this enterprise project.
  • Writing diaries in school, personal essays, drawing picture, all method of expressions, are subject to shift to making short films in the era of new social media platforms.
  • When I look at information about my laptop features, I simply type in google how to.., and results will show up links to blogs, websites, and video clips, personally, I choose video clips because it is enjoyable way of learning.


Next Step:

  • Discussing some issues with web designers, filmmakers, and programmers.
  • Making wide networking in the UK.
  • Doing more tasks regarding finance.


Comments are welcome:

I am really happy to hear your comments, thoughts and questions about Capture Your Story.  Feel free to use comment box underneath, or you may like to share it among your friend through social media icons.